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A History of All-Americans at Owens Community College



Jeff Massey, two-time First Team

The very first NJCAA All-American that Owens Community College produced was men's basketball player Roy Coleman in 1989-90. In fact, the first four student-athletes to become All-Americans were from the men's basketball program. In 1996-97, Amy Cook of the women's volleyball program became the first female student-athlete to be named an Athletic All-American.

In 2012-13 and 2014-15, Owens tied the college record for most NJCAA All-Americans in one year (1999-2000).

In 1993-94, Becky Risebrough of the Express women's basketball program became the college's first NJCAA Academic All-American. It wasn't until 2000-01 that a male student-athlete earned Academic All-American honors, when Mel Stachura of the Express baseball program earned the honor. Prior to that, the first 11 Academic All-Americans were female.

Starting in 2010-11, the NJCAA rolled out different tiers of Academic All-Americans, and they redefined them as NJCAA Academic Student-Athlete Awards. They updated them again in 2016-17 and are as follows:

NJCAA All-Academic First Team (4.00 GPA on a 4.00 scale)
NJCAA All-Academic Second Team (3.80 to 3.99 on a 4.00 scale)
NJCAA All-Academic Third Team (3.60 to 3.79 on a 4.00 scale)

Prior to 2010-11, the NJCAA had general Academic All-Americans, who had to have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.6 over 45 semester hours. Distinguished Academic All-Americans had to have at least a 3.8 GPA over 45 semester hours.

The Owens season-high for NJCAA Academic Awards is 18 in 2015-16, which shattered the old record of 11, which was set in 2010-11. In two other years, 2003-04 and 2012-13, Owens had nine.

Additionally, since 2003-04, Owens hasn't had fewer than three NJCAA Academic Award winners in each year, while they have also had at least one in every year since Risebrough started the trend in 1993-94. Overall, the Owens has had 102 Academic All-Americans/NJCAA Academic Award winners. 

Here's a year-by-year look at the history of All-Americans at Owens Community College:


NJCAA All-Americans

 - Roy Coleman, men's basketball (First Team, D-II)

1990-91 - Otis "Chip" Smith, men's basketball (Second Team, D-II)

1991-92 - Jeff Massey, men's basketball (First Team, D-II)

1992-93 - Jeff Massey, men's basketball (First Team, D-II)

1993-94 - Feisal Crumby, men's basketball (First Team, D-II)

1995-96 - Jerry Wells, men's basketball (Third Team, D-II)

1996-97 - Amy Cook, women's volleyball (Honorable Mention, D-III)

1997-98 - Lori Wolf, women's volleyball (First Team, D-III)
                                      Elizabeth Harris, women's basketball (Honorable Mention, D-II)

1998-99 - Jaime Walton, women's volleyball (Honorable Mention, D-III)
     Amy Amstutz, women's basketball (First Team, D-II)
                 Jon Powell, men's basketball (First Team, D-II)
                 Abby Thompson, women's volleyball (First Team (D-III)

1999-2000 - Lori Maloch, women's volleyball (Honorable Mention, D-III)
                    Crystal Shank, softball (Second Team, D-III)
                    Joe Sheperd, men's basketball (Third Team, D-II)
                    Stephanie Galant, women's basketball (Honorable Mention, D-II)
                    Erin Hiser, women's volleyball (First Team, D-III)

2000-01 - Ryan Clark, baseball (First Team, D-III)
                 Jaime Banners, women's volleyball (First Team, D-III)

2001-02 - Cindy Missler, women's volleyball (Honorable Mention, D-II)

2002-03 - Sandra Peer, women's volleyball (Second Team, D-II)
                 Michelle Vorst, women's basketball (First Team, D-II)
                 Michael Valerius, baseball (Third Team, D-II)
                 Kristina Schultz, softball (First Team, D-II)

2004-05 - Ashley Hill, women's volleyball (First Team, D-II)
                 April Nietrzeba, softball (Second Team, D-II)

2005-06 - Ceara Barr, women's volleyball (Second Team, D-II)

2006-07 - Stephanie Champine, women's volleyball (Honorable Mention, D-II)
                 Sean Bucknor, men's soccer (Second Team, D-I)
                 Joey Bussdieker, men's golf (Honorable Mention, D-II)

2007-08 - Stephanie Champine, women's volleyball (Second Team, D-II)
                 Sean Bucknor, men's soccer (First Team, D-I)
                 Austin Ritson, baseball (Third Team, D-II)

2008-09 - Brittney Bradner, women's volleyball (Honorable Mention, D-II)
                 Amanda Temple, softball (First Team, D-II)

2010-11 - Alaina Haubert, softball (Third Team, D-II)
                 Brittany Egbert, women's volleyball (Second Team, D-II)

2011-12 - Brittany Egbert, women's volleyball (Second Team, D-II)
                 Ellie Comes, women's volleyball (Honorable Mention, D-II)

2012-13 - Kendra Eitniear, women's soccer (Honorable Mention, D-I)
                 Dakia Sellers, women's volleyball (First Team, D-II)
                 Glenroy Miller, men's soccer (Second Team, D-I)
                 James Kelly, men's basketball (Second Team, D-II)
                 Brandon Hoelzer, men's golf (Honorable Mention, D-II)

2013-14 - Bikramjit Gill, men's basketball (Third Team, D-II)
Brittany George, softball (Second Team, D-II)
Harrison Long, men's golf (Second Team, D-II)
Philippe Weppernig, men's golf (Second Team, D-II)

2014-15 - Ciarra Wirick, women's volleyball (Honorable Mention, D-II)
Sierra Harley, women's basketball (First Team, D-II)
John Murry, men's basketball (Third Team, D-II)
Harrison Long, men's golf (Honorable Mention, D-II)
Jacey Gray, softball (Third Team, D-II) 

2015-16 - Macy Reigelsperger, women's volleyball (First Team, D-II)
Brooke Gyori, women's volleyball (Honorable Mention, D-II) 
Jeryn Reese, women's basketball (Second Team, D-II) 
Dominic DiGiacomo, men's golf (Second Team, D-II) 

2016-17 - Brooke Gyori, women's volleyball (First Team, D-II)
Tyanna Smith, women's volleyball (Second Team, D-II) 
Jeryn Reese, women's basketball (Second Team, D-II) 

2017-18 - Niki Polce, women's volleyball (First Team, D-II)
Erika Angstmann, women's volleyball (Second Team, D-II) 
Dai'Shona Polk, women's basketball (Second Team, D-II) 

2018-19 - Michaela Eisenhauer, women's volleyball (First Team, D-III)
Summer Sweeting, women's volleyball (First Team, D-III)
Taylor Works, women's basketball (First Team, DIII)
Moreina Moore, women's basketball (Second Team, DIII)
Shyah Wheeler, women's basketball (Honorable Mention, DIII) 

2019-20 - Tyriana Settles, women's volleyball (First Team, D-III)
Kayla Bekier, women's volleyball (First Team, D-III)
Shyah Wheeler, women's basketball (Third Team, D-III)

2020-21 - Haley Kanzig. softball (Second Team, D-III) 

2021-22 - Maddie White, women's volleyball (First Team, D-III)
McKenna Babcock, women's volleyball (First Team, D-III)

NJCAA Academic All-Americans

1993-94 - Becky Risebrough, women's basketball

1994-95 - Kari Kilmer, women's volleyball
              Leslie Mugg, women's basketball

1995-96 - Jodi Schramm, women's volleyball
              Ashli Barta, women's basketball

1996-97 - Lisa Jackson, women's volleyball

1997-98 - Tammy Murphy, women's basketball/women's volleyball

1998-99 - Jolene Brooks, women's basketball
              Melinda Kistner, softball

1999-2000 - Melinda Kistner, softball
                 Crystal Shank, softball

2000-01 - Mel Stachura, baseball
              Stacy Cowell, softball 

2001-02 - Cindy Missler, women's volleyball
             Janelle Dangler, softball
             Heather Post, softball

2002-03 - Joanne Lewandowski, women's basketball
              Michelle Vorst, women's basketball
              Ashley Brough, women's volleyball
              Jodi Young, women's volleyball
              Laura Wilson, women's basketball

2003-04 - Laura Wilson, women's basketball
              Sarah Johnson, women's basketball
              Isaac Metcalf, men's soccer
              Kyle Leppelmeier, baseball
              Matthew Yenrick, baseball
              Adam Dunn, baseball
              Zachary Petee, baseball
              Monica Decker, softball
              Brianne Smith, softball

2004-05 - Heather Peer, women's basketball
              Caroline Eboumbou, women's basketball
              Leigh Zajac, softball
              Tracy Lehman, softball

2005-06 - Ross Graham, baseball
              Bridget Buss, women's basketball
             Justin McIntyre, men's soccer

2006-07 - Laura Gerkensmeyer, women's volleyball (Distinguished)
              Sarah Gerkensmeyer, women's volleyball (Distinguished)
              Ryan Davis, men's soccer (Distinguished)
              Justin McIntyre, men's soccer
              Jeremy Sheeks, baseball (Distinguished)

2007-08 - Laura Gerhardt, women's basketball
              Melanie Schroeder, women's basketball
              David Davis, men's basketball
              Adam Brentlinger, baseball
              Stephanie Matthews, softball

2008-09 - Yousef Aliakbar, men's soccer (Distinguished)
              Jeanne Bockey, women's basketball (Distinguished)
              Katelyn Helminiak, softball (Distinguished)
              Mallory Imbery, women's volleyball
              Rachel Sepesy, softball
              Casey Winckowski, baseball
              Lorenzo Carrion-Bistolfi, men's soccer (Distinguished)

2009-10 - Lorenzo Carrion-Bistolfi, men's soccer
              Cal Edwards, men's basketball
              Jahvan Russell, men's soccer (Distinguished)
              Jonathon Moore, men's soccer (Distinguished)

2010-11 - Cal Edwards, men's basketball (Superior)
              Jordan Floyd, women's basketball (Pinnacle)
             Bridget Wolfe, softball (Superior)
              Brooks Gardner, men's golf (Exemplary)
              Jessica Knueve, women's volleyball (Exemplary)
              Alyssa LaVoy, women's volleyball (Pinnacle)
              Saige Meyer, women's basketball (Pinnacle)
              Lee Schmidlin, men's golf (Superior)
              Amanda Schuster, women's volleyball (Exemplary)
              Ashleigh Whitacre, softball (Superior)
              Karrah Windau, women's basketball (Exemplary)

2011-12 - Kasey Graham, softball (Exemplary)
              Hallie Thompson, softball (Exemplary)
              Conor Totzke, men's golf (Exemplary)
              Chris Ward, baseball (Exemplary)
              Sean Kaighin, men's soccer (Superior)

2012-13 - Luke Berger, men's golf (Exemplary)
              Dane Davis, baseball (Exemplary)
              April DeCant, softball (Exemplary)
              Molly Hilfinger, women's volleyball (Exemplary)
              Melanie Iacoangeli, softball (Superior)
              David Ortega-Gonzalez, men's soccer (Pinnacle)
              Alex Roberts, men's golf (Exemplary)
              Hannah Shank, softball (Exemplary)
              Amanda Sinay, softball (Exemplary) 

2013-14 - Lisa Urbanski, women's volleyball (Pinnacle)
Dominique Yates, women's volleyball (Exemplary)
Nick Street, baseball (Exemplary) 

2014-15 - Abby Groll, women's soccer (Exemplary)
Lesley Ducat, women's softball (Exemplary)
Dru Hein, men's golf (Exemplary)
Haley Kreger, softball (Exemplary)
Aricka LaVoy, women's volleyball (Superior)
Marcus Rozsa, baseball (Exemplary)
Austin Somerfield, men's basketball (Exemplary)
Lexi Williams, softball (Superior) 

2015-16 - Ally Mikesell, women's volleyball (Pinnacle)
Jessica Kreger, women's soccer (Pinnacle)
Joseph Swager, men's soccer (Pinnacle)
Karit Kitipongpatana, men's golf (Pinnacle)
Lynzee Richardson, women's soccer (Pinnacle)
Mikayla Ward, women's basketball (Pinnacle)
Will Mullins, men's golf (Pinnacle)
Macy Reigelsperger, women's volleyball (Superior)
Stephen Parker, baseball (Superior)
Zach Bobbitt, baseball (Superior)
Drew Reich, baseball (Exemplary)
Ashley Pleiman, women's volleyball (Exemplary)
Casey Gose, baseball (Exemplary)
Erika Hartings, women's volleyball (Exemplary)
Xavier Cochran, men's basketball (Exemplary)
Josiah McCloud, men's soccer (Exemplary)
Lydia Yeager, women's soccer (Exemplary)
Sabina Watson, softball (Exemplary) 

2016-17 - Brooke Gyori, women's volleyball (First Team)
Devon Heitkamp, women's volleyball (First Team)
Erika Angstmann, women's volleyball (First Team)
Annie Lindeman, women's volleyball (Second Team)
Ashley Pleiman, women's volleyball (Second Team)
Madison Lammers, women's volleyball (Second Team)
Carrigan Gray, women's volleyball (Third Team)
Haili Mossing, women's basketball (Third Team)

2017-18 - Devon Heitkamp, women's volleyball (First Team)
Erika Angstmann, women's volleyball (First Team)
Olivia Frost, women's basketball (First Team)
Cassidy Wlodarz, women's volleyball (Third Team)

2018-19 - Joseph Everson, baseball (First Team)
Jarrett Batanian, baseball (Second Team)
Christian Orr, baseball (Third Team)
Bryce Pratt, baseball (Third Team)
Ben Sexton, baseball (Third Team)
Austin Christman, baseball (Third Team) 

2019-20 - Megan Dunne, volleyball (First Team)
Sydney Hughes, softball (First Team)
Gabriel Scott, baseball (First Team)
Gavin Starcher, baseball (First Team)
Mitchell Wells, baseball (First Team)
Jarrett Batanian, baseball (Second Team)
Austin Christman, baseball (Second Team)
Andrew Flowers, baseball (Second Team)
Jackson O’Keefe, baseball (Second Team)
Wyatt Smith, baseball (Second Team)
Christian Canary, baseball (Third Team)
Elizabeth Chagolia, softball (Third Team)
Chelsey Depinet, softball (Third Team)
Tori Kopp, women’s basketball (Third Team)
Jasmine McNett, softball (Third Team)
Ben Sexton, baseball (Third Team)
Liliana Velazquez, women’s basketball (Third Team) 

2020-21 - Jackson O’Keefe, baseball (First Team)
Samuel Witt, baseball (First Team)
Elizabeth Chagolla, softball (Second Team)
Sydni Buhrow, softball (Third Team)
Kolson Egnor, baseball (Third Team)
Wyatt Smith, baseball (Third Team)

NJCAA Academic All-American Teams

2012-13 - Softball (3.31 GPA)
Women's Volleyball (3.19 GPA)

2013-14 - Women's Volleyball (3.19 GPA)
Softball (3.09 GPA) 

2014-15 - Softball (3.34 GPA)
Women's Volleyball (3.05 GPA) 

2015-16 - Women's Volleyball (3.23 GPA)
Men's Golf (3.19 GPA)
Women's Soccer (3.03 GPA) 

2016-17 - Women's Volleyball (3.58 GPA)

2019-20 - Softball (3.18 GPA)

American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) Academic Team Awards

2016-17 - 3.58 GPA

National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA) All-Americans

2014-15 - Tori Weidinger, Second Team (softball)

National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) All-Americans

2003-04 - Simi Wakawa, men's soccer
- Jill Burkholder, women's soccer (First Team)
Jessica Grindle, women's soccer (Second Team)

Women's Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) All-Americans

2012-13 - Emma-Jean Ricketts (Honorable Mention)
2013-14 - Kamilah Carter (Honorable Mention)
2014-15 - Sierra Harley (First Team)
Ashley Tunstall (Honorable Mention)
Demy Whitaker (Honorable Mention)
2016-17 - Jeryn Reese (First Team)
Ariel Bethea (Honorable Mention)
2017-18 - Dai'Shona Polk(First Team)
Brenda Pennington (Honorable Mention)

American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) All-Americans

2016-17 - Brooke Gyori (Second Team)
2017-18 - Niki Polce (Second Team)
2018-19 - Michaela Eisenhauer (First Team)
2019-20 - Tyriana Settles (First Team)

NJCAA National Player of the Year

2018-19 - Michaela Eisenhauer, women's volleyball (Division III)
2019-20 - Tyriana Settles, women's volleyball (Division III)