Inside Athletics


At Owens Community College, we strive for excellence not only on the field or on the court, but in the classroom as well. The following is a history of our Ohio Community College Athletic Conference (OCCAC) All-Academic team history since 2000-01.

To be a member of the team, a student-athlete must achieve at least a 3.30 cumulative GPA with 24 completed credit hours.


Isaac Hubbard, 3.33 GPA (Men's Basketball)
Robert McDonald, 3.35 GPA (Men's Basketball)
Jeremy Petroff, 3.44 GPA (Baseball)
Mel Stachura, 3.59 GPA (Baseball)
Todd Rinehart, 3.46 GPA (Baseball)
Brandi Winrow, 3.75 GPA (Women's Basketball)
Christa Strube, 3.67 GPA (Women's Basketball)
Sadie Albon, 3.75 GPA (Women's Basketball)
Janell Dangler, 3.69 GPA (Softball)
Jennifer Koepplinger, 3.48 GPA (Softball)
Stacy Cowell, 3.71 GPA (Softball)
Chris Herringhaus, 3.50 GPA (Men's Soccer)
Ryan Thompson, 4.00 GPA (Men's Soccer)
April Gladieux, 3.33 GPA (Volleyball)
Cynthia Misser, 4.00 GPA (Volleyball)
Katy Grodi, 3.31 GPA (Volleyball)


Sadie Albon, 3.48 GPA (Women's Basketball)
Ashley Brough, 3.62 GPA (Women's Basketball)
Janelle Dangler, 3.71 GPA (Softball)
Kelli Klein, 3.59 GPA (Volleyball)
Bob McDonald, 3.30 GPA (Men's Basketball)
Cindy Missler, 3.90 GPA (Volleyball)
Nick Morris, 3.65 GPA (Baseball)
Heather Post, 3.90 GPA (Softball)
Stacy Smith, 3.37 GPA (Volleyball)
Christa Strube, 3.30 GPA (Women's Basketball)
Brandi Winrow, 3.47 GPA (Women's Basketball, Softball)
Jodi Young, 3.32 GPA (Volleyball) 


Michelle Brose, 3.50 GPA (Softball)
Ashley Brough, 3.62 GPA (Volleyball)
Kelli Klein, 3.58 GPA (Volleyball)
Adam Dunn, 3.47 GPA (Baseball)
Kyle Leppelmeier, 3.90 GPA (Baseball)
Joanna Lewandowski, 3.82 GPA (Women's Basketball)
Isaac Metcalf, 3.57 GPA (Men's Soccer)
Nick Morris, 3.48 GPA (Baseball)
Zack Pettee, 3.76 GPA (Baseball)
Danielle Rayle, 3.92 GPA (Women's Basketball)
Monica Sims, 3.50 GPA (Softball)
Brianne Smith, 3.70 GPA (Softball)
Michelle Vorst, 3.58 GPA (Women's Basketball)
Simi Wakawa, 3.37 GPA (Men's Soccer)
Stacey Weiland, 3.81 GPA (Women's Basketball)
Casey Wieczorek, 3.42 GPA (Softball)
Laura Wilson, 3.90 GPA (Women's Basketball)
Matt Yenrick, 4.0 GPA (Baseball)
Jodi Young, 3.62 GPA (Volleyball)
Scott Zaciewski, 3.46 GPA (Baseball) 


Michelle Brose, 3.64 GPA (Softball) 
Niccole Brown, 3.30 GPA (Women's Basketball)
Courtney Caldwell, 3.38 GPA (Volleyball) 
Kyle Cousino, 3.62 GPA (Men's Soccer)
Amy Czupich, 3.54 GPA (Volleyball) 
Monica Decker, 3.69 GPA (Softball) 
Jeremy Diekman, 3.53 GPA (Men's Basketball) 
Adam Dunn, 3.70 GPA (Baseball) 
Caroline Eboumbou, 3.55 GPA (Women's Basketball) 
Melissa Fleig, 3.54 GPA (Volleyball) 
Margot Frederick, 3.72 GPA (Volleyball) 
Sarah Johnson, 3.63 GPA (Women's Basketball)
Kyle Leppelmeier, 3.87 GPA (Baseball) 
Isaac Metcalf, 3.61 GPA (Men's Soccer)
April Nietrzeba, 3.33 GPA (Softball) 
Dave Quiroga, 3.31 GPA (Baseball) 
Heather Peer, 3.78 GPA (Women's Basketball) 
Zachary Pettee, 3.61 GPA (Baseball) 
Sammantha Schneider, 3.87 GPA (Women's Basketball) 
Mike Shaneck, 3.31 GPA (Baseball) 
Monica Sims, 3.46 GPA (Softball)
Brianne Smith, 3.71 GPA (Softball)
Joshua Snyder, 4.0 GPA (Men's Soccer) 
Lauren Strong, 3.71 GPA (Women's Basketball) 
Catina Stubleski, 3.35 GPA (Women's Basketball)
Angela Tolland, 3.30 GPA (Volleyball) 
Stacey Weiland, 3.52 GPA (Women's Basketball) 
Laura Wilson, 3.95 GPA (Women's Basketball) 
Mandy Wingate, 3.35 GPA (Softball) 
Matt Yenrick, 4.0 GPA (Baseball) 
Scott Zaciewski, 3.48 GPA (Baseball) 
Leigh Zajac, 3.84 GPA (Softball) 


Bridget Buss, 3.87 GPA (Women's Basketball)
Courtney Caldwell, 3.45 GPA (Volleyball)
Kyle Cousino, 3.40 GPA (Men's Soccer)
Amy Czupich, 3.30 GPA (Volleyball)
Jeremy Diekman, 3.64 (Men's Basketball)
Caroline Eboumbou, 3.63 GPA (Women's Basketball)
Kelli Fisher, 3.65 GPA (Volleyball)
Noel Graham, 3.50 GPA (Baseball)
Ross Graham, 4.00 GPA (Baseball)
Mackenzie Heban, 3.40 GPA (Softball)
Sarah Johnson, 3.46 GPA (Women's Basketball)
Gibril Kargbo, 3.64 GPA (Men's Soccer)
Tracy Lehman, 3.89 GPA (Softball)
Kelly McPherson, 3.33 GPA (Women's Basketball)
Sarah Morgart, 3.31 GPA (Women's Basketball)
April Nietrzeba, 3.66 GPA (Softball)
Heather Peer, 3.82 GPA (Women's Basketball)
Mike Shaneck, 3.32 GPA (Baseball)
Andrew Traber, 3.36 GPA (Men's Soccer)
Mandy Wingate, 3.31 GPA (Softball)
Leigh Zajac, 3.86 GPA (Softball)


Bridget Buss, 3.79 GPA (women's basketball)
Kelli Fisher, 3.52 GPA (women's volleyball)
Laura Gerkensmeyer, 3.74 GPA (women's volleyball)
Sarah Gerkensmeyer, 4.00 GPA (women's volleyball)
Ross Graham, 3.72 GPA  baseball) 
Arthur Griffin Jr., 4.00 GPA (men's soccer) 
Ashley Henney, 3.47 GPA (softball) 
Amanda Hensley, 3.56 GPA (women's volleyball) 
Gibril Kargbo, 3.49 GPA (men's soccer) 
Jeff Kuehne, 3.40 GPA (men's soccer) 
Justin McIntyre, 3.48 GPA (men's soccer) 
Brian Roosenberg, 3.75 GPA (men's golf) 
Jeremy Sheeks, 4.00 GPA (baseball) 
Kelsey Shumaker, 3.58 GPA (women's basketball) 
Allison Siefker, 3.63 GPA (women's volleyball) 
Tia Simms, 3.40 GPA (women's basketball) 


Laura Gerkensmeyer, 3.87 GPA (women's volleyball)
Sarah Gerkensmeyer, 4.00 GPA (women's volleyball)
Mandy Hensley, 3.39 GPA (women's volleyball)
Andria Niese, 3.31 GPA (women's volleyball)
Nathan Baer, 3.40 GPA (men's soccer)
Ryan Davis, 3.76 GPA (men's soccer)
Matheus DeSouza, 4.00 GPA (men's soccer)
Adam Brzybowski, 3.35 GPA (men's soccer)
Jeff Kuehne, 3.40 GPA (men's soccer)
Justin McIntyre, 3.67 GPA (men's soccer)
Justin Williams, 3.38 GPA (men's soccer)
Joan Anderson, 3.54 GPA (women's basketball)
Laura Gerhardt, 3.52 GPA (women's basketball)
Melanie Schroeder, 3.69 GPA (women's basketball)
David Davis, 3.73 GPA (men's basketball)
Kevin Neilly, 3.42 GPA (baseball)
Joshua Pheils, 3.52 GPA (baseball)
Jeremy Sheeks, 3.90 GPA (baseball)
Ashley Henney, 3.40 GPA (softball)
Stephanie Matthews, 3.59 GPA (softball)
Megan Stump, 3.52 GPA (softball)


Brittney Bradner, 3.32 GPA (women's volleyball)
Stacia Fritz, 3.36 GPA (women's volleyball)
Mallory Imbery, 3.77 GPA (women's volleyball)
Nathan Baer, 3.38 GPA (men's soccer)
Davon Jones, 3.54 GPA (men's soccer)
David Davis, 3.60 GPA (men's basketball)
Jeanne Bockey, 3.81 GPA (women's basketball)
Laura Gerhardt, 3.76 GPA (women's basketball)
Unique Lane, 4.00 GPA (women's basketball)
Melanie Schroeder, 3.65 GPA (women's basketball)
Adam Brentlinger, 3.59 GPA (baseball)
Michael Nyitrai, 3.34 GPA (baseball)
Casey Winckowski, 3.64 GPA (baseball)
Ben DeArmond, 3.88 GPA (men's golf)
Amanda Averesch, 3.45 GPA (softball)
Ashleigh Barron, 3.55 GPA (softball)
Katelyn Helminiak, 3.54 GPA (softball)
Stephanie Matthews, 3.62 GPA (softball) 
Miranda Milleson, 3.74 GPA (softball)
Amanda Salmons, 3.37 GPA (softball)
Rachel Sepesy, 3.30 GPA (softball) 



Brittney Bradner, 3.53 GPA (women's volleyball)
Amanda Drew, 3.71 GPA (women's volleyball)
Mallory Imbery, 3.73 GPA (women's volleyball)
Corine Williams, 3.58 GPA (women's volleyball)
Yousef Aliakbar, 3.87 GPA (men's soccer)
Lorenzo Carrion-Bistolfi, 3.87 GPA (men's soccer)
Jon Moore, 3.84 GPA (men's soccer)
Jahvan Russell, 4.00 GPA (men's soccer)
Jeanne Bockey, 3.81 GPA (women's basketball)
Unique Lane, 3.36 GPA (women's basketball)
Brittany Simon, 3.30 GPA (women's basketball)
Adam Brentlinger, 3.40 GPA (baseball)
Jared Gibbons, 3.34 GPA (baseball)
Casey Winckowski, 3.68 GPA (baseball)
Mike Kistler, 3.75 GPA (men's golf)
Jolynn Brossia, 3.62 GPA (softball)
Magen Gerding, 3.55 GPA (softball)
Katelyn Helminiak, 3.81 GPA (softball)
Rachel Sepesy, 3.64 GPA (softball) 


Garrett Busch, 3.56 GPA (baseball)
Michael Romano, 3.30 GPA (baseball)
Brooks Gardner, 3.67 GPA (men's golf)
Lee Schmidlin, 3.82 GPA (men's golf)
Calvin Edwards, 3.75 GPA (men's basketball)
Derrick Sanderfer Jr., 3.51 GPA (men's basketball)
Yadi Aliakbar, 3.35 GPA (men's soccer)
Jahvan Russell, 3.91 GPA (men's soccer)
Jon Moore, 3.88 GPA (men's soccer)
Lorenzo Carrion-Bistolfi, 3.74 GPA (men's soccer)
Magen Gerding, 3.50 GPA (softball)
Keri Seel, 4.00 GPA (softball)
Ashleigh Whitacre, 3.84 GPA (softball)
Bridget Wolfe, 4.00 GPA (softball)
Amanda Drew, 3.30 GPA (volleyball)
Maureen Kurtz, 3.84 GPA (women's volleyball)
Alyssa LaVoy, 4.00 GPA (women's volleyball)
Amanda Schuster, 3.77 GPA (women's volleyball)
Shelby Schuster, 3.36 GPA (women's volleyball)
Renee Bidlack, 3.31 GPA (women's basketball)
Kaila Corrothers, 3.30 GPA (women's basketball)
Jordan Floyd, 4.00 GPA (women's basketball)
Saige Meyer, 4.00 GPA (women's basketball)
Karrah Windau, 3.63 GPA (women's basketball)


Garrett Busch, 4.00 GPA (baseball)
Kyle Anderson, 3.75 GPA (men's golf)
Brooks Gardner, 3.62 GPA (men's golf)
Kevin Hoyle, 3.84 GPA (men's golf)
Lee Schmidlin, 3.91 GPA (men's golf)
Taronta Cole Jr., 3.35 GPA (men's basketball)
Calvin Edwards, 3.83 GPA (men's basketball)
Sean Kaighin, 4.00 GPA (men's soccer)
Ababacar Ndoye, 3.34 GPA (men's soccer)
Kyle Whitmore, 3.37 GPA (men's soccer) 
Sydney Barron, 3.48 GPA (softball)
Kasey Graham, 3.75 GPA (softball)
Alaina Haubert, 3.61 GPA (softball)
Michelle Hollister, 3.55 GPA (softball)
Ashlyn Michalak, 3.59 GPA (softball)
Jordan Ratliff, 3.45 GPA (softball)
Kristen Roznoski, 3.43 GPA (softball)
Hallie Thompson, 3.58 GPA (softball)
Ashleigh Whitacre, 3.92 GPA (softball) 
Bridget Wolfe, 3.84 GPA (softball)
Jessica Knueve, 3.73 GPA (women's volleyball)
Alyssa LaVoy, 4.00 GPA (women's volleyball)
Erin Schatzle, 3.39 GPA (women's volleyball)
Amanda Schuster, 3.72 GPA (women's volleyball)
Shelby Schuster, 3.45 GPA (women's volleyball)
Jordan Floyd, 4.00 GPA (women's basketball)
Brittany Morris, 3.30 GPA (women's basketball)
Saige Meyer, 4.00 GPA (women's basketball)
Karrah Windau, 3.76 GPA (women's basketball) 


Dane Davis, 3.63 GPA (baseball)
Jeff Davis, 3.54 GPA (baseball)
Adam Jones, 3.87 GPA (baseball)
Alex Juday, 3.77 GPA (baseball)
Trevor Ozenbaugh, 3.73 GPA (baseball)
Chris Ward, 3.75 GPA (baseball)
Ellie Riser, 3.69 GPA (women's basketball)
Luke Berger, 3.50 GPA (men's golf)
Conor Totzke, 3.65 GPA (men's golf)
Sean Kaighin, 3.91 GPA (men's soccer)
David Ortega-Gonzalez, 4.00 GPA (men's soccer)
Nikoy Wallace, 3.37 GPA (men's soccer)
Molly Hilfinger, 3.74 GPA (women's volleyball)
Alyssa Meis, 3.50 GPA (women's volleyball)
April Decant, 3.90 GPA (softball)
Jaylee Glad, 3.69 GPA (softball)
Melanie Iacoangeli, 3.90 GPA (softball)
Hannah Morrison, 3.47 GPA (softball)
Olivia Reeder, 3.31 GPA (softball)
Amanda Sinay, 3.74 GPA (softball)
Ashlyn Michalak, 3.45 GPA (softball)
Kasey Graham, 3.73 GPA (softball)
Hallie Thompson, 3.62 GPA (softball)
Michelle Hollister, 3.57 GPA (softball)


Molly Hilfinger, 3.74 GPA (women's volleyball)
Alyssa Meis, 3.32 GPA (women's volleyball)
Lisa Urbanski, 4.00 GPA (women's volleyball)
Dominique Yates, 3.51 GPA (women's volleyball)
Luke Berger, 3.73 GPA (men's golf)
Alex Roberts, 3.64 GPA (men's golf)
Benjamin Breymier, 3.61 GPA (baseball)
Dane Davis, 3.78 GPA (baseball)
Michael Fry, 3.40 GPA (baseball)
Dru Sebastian, 3.41 GPA (baseball)
Nick Street, 3.77 GPA (baseball)
Alex Samson, 3.61 GPA (baseball)
Matthew Zitny, 3.55 GPA (baseball)
Odaine Edwards, 3.50 GPA (men's soccer)
Joshua Kleinow, 3.40 GPA (men's soccer)
Tyler Kortokrax, 3.40 GPA (men's soccer)
David Ortega-Gonzalez, 4.00 GPA (men's soccer)
Taylor Avers, 3.53 GPA (women's soccer)
Haley Kreger, 3.79 GPA (women's soccer)
Marissa Ramirez, 3.31 GPA (women's soccer)
Sarah Weaver, 3.52 GPA (women's soccer)
April DeCant, 3.63 GPA (softball)
Jaylee Glad, 3.55 GPA (softball)
Molly Gast, 3.50 GPA (softball)
Melanie Iacoangeli, 3.88 GPA (softball)
Olivia Reeder, 3.34 GPA (softball)
Hannah Shank, 3.75 GPA (softball)
Amanda Sinay, 3.83 GPA (softball)
Katilyn Turski, 3.32 GPA  (softball)
Reneillio Morrison, 3.30 GPA (men's basketball)
Cody Begley, 3.50 GPA (men's basketball)


Lesley Ducat, 3.56 GPA (softball)
Molly Gast, 3.44 GPA (softball)
Aubrey Geis, 3.63 GPA (softball)
Brittany George, 3.66 GPA (softball) 
Haley Hudgin, 3.72 GPA (softball)
Taylor Miller, 3.63 GPA (softball)
Kendall Murphy, 3.46 GPA (softball)
Lexi Williams, 3.86 GPA (softball)
Zach Bobbitt, 3.60 GPA (baseball)
Benjamin Breymier, 3.54 GPA (baseball)
Marcus Rozsa, 3.66 GPA (baseball)
Alex Samson, 3.40 GPA (baseball)
Nick Street, 3.69 GPA (baseball) 
Matthew Zitny, 3.59 GPA (baseball) 
Jessica Cooper, 3.27 GPA (women's volleyball)
Bailey Dangler, 3.58 GPA (women's volleyball)
Aricka LaVoy, 3.74 GPA (women's volleyball)
Sara Turner-Smith, 3.46 GPA (women's volleyball)
Dominique Yates, 3.69 GPA (women's volleyball)
Lisa Urbanski, 4.00 GPA (women's volleyball)
Haley Kreger, 3.43 GPA (women's soccer)
Abby Groll, 3.81 GPA (women's soccer)
Haley Gasser, 3.40 GPA (women's soccer)
Erika Brinkman, 3.36 GPA (women's soccer)
Taylor Avers, 3.48 GPA (women's soccer)
Dru Hein, 3.90 GPA (men's golf)
Philippe Weppernig, 3.33 GPA (men's golf)
Tony Boykins, 3.38 GPA (men's basketball)


Bre Buck, 3.80 GPA (softball)
Lesley Ducat, 3.77 GPA (softball)
Sam Fowls, 3.73 GPA (softball)
Aubrey Geis, 3.53 GPA (softball)
Brittany George, 3.51 GPA (softball)
Jacey Gray, 3.50 GPA (softball)
Christina Huffman, 3.32 GPA (softball)
Katie Jensen, 3.30 GPA (softball)
Haley Kreger, 3.63 GPA (softball)
Lexi Williams, 3.83 GPA (softball)
Zach Bobbitt, 3.38 GPA (baseball)
Ben Breymier, 3.38 GPA (baseball)
Casey Gose, 3.90 GPA (baseball)
Marcus Rozsa, 3.67 GPA (baseball)
Payton Scott, 3.32 GPA (baseball)
Zach Souter, 3.57 GPA (baseball)
Jake Weshalek, 3.44 GPA (baseball)
Jake Wichlacz, 3.53 GPA (baseball)
Jessica Cooper, 3.55 GPA (women's volleyball)
Aricka LaVoy, 3.82 GPA (women's volleyball)
Ally Mikesell, 3.52 GPA (women's volleyball)
Macy Reigelsperger, 3.51 GPA (women's volleyball)
Kayla Siefker, 3.34 GPA (women's volleyball)
Sara Turner-Smith, 3.36 GPA (women's volleyball)
Mikayla Ward, 3.78 GPA (women's basketball)
Pete Firlik, 3.90 GPA (men's basketball)
Austin Somerfield, 3.77 GPA (men's basketball)
Dru Hein, 3.74 GPA (men's golf)
Philippe Weppernig, 3.57 GPA (men's golf)
Abby Groll, 3.73 GPA (women's soccer)
Jessica Kreger, 4.00 GPA (women's soccer)
Chelsea Randolph, 3.64 GPA (women's soccer)
Lydia Yeager, 3.64 GPA (women's soccer)


Bandit Chaisuk, men's golf (3.31 GPA)
Dominic DiGiacomo, men's golf (3.40 GPA)
Karit Kitipongpatana, men's golf (4.00 GPA)
Will Mullins, men's golf (4.00 GPA)
Harrison Quirk, men's golf (3.85 GPA)
Hector Aguirre Jr., men's soccer (3.54 GPA)
Josiah McCloud, men's soccer (3.79 GPA)
Alexander Renius, men's soccer (3.40 GPA)
Joseph Swager, men's soccer (4.00 GPA)
Jermima Job, women's soccer (3.71 GPA)
Jessica Kreger, women's soccer (4.00 GPA)
Kathryn Spalding, women's soccer (3.44 GPA)
Sarah Wamer, women's soccer (3.65 GPA)
Lydia Yeager, women's soccer (3.75 GPA)
Lynzee Richardson, women's soccer (4.00 GPA)
Brooke Gyori, women's volleyball (3.44 GPA)
Erika Hartings, women's volleyball (3.66 GPA)
Annie Lindeman, women's volleyball (3.55 GPA)
Ally Mikesell, women's volleyball (4.00 GPA)
Ashley Pleiman, women's volleyball (3.64 GPA)
Macy Reigelsperger, women's volleyball (3.87 GPA)
Christine Tylutki, women's volleyball (3.56 GPA)
Riley Bennett, baseball (3.34 GPA)
Zach Bobbitt, baseball (3.88 GPA)
Connor Bowen, baseball (3.45 GPA)
Casey Gose, baseball (3.65 GPA)
Hunter Kraynak, baseball (3.42 GPA)
Stephen Parker, baseball (3.89 GPA)
Andrew Reich, baseball (3.68 GPA)
Zach Souter, baseball (3.51 GPA)
Ian Bach, baseball (3.40 GPA)
Devin Burns, baseball (3.36 GPA)
Parker Murdie, baseball (3.40 GPA)
Makayla Burtscher, softball (3.58 GPA)
Morgan Gangwer, softball (3.55 GPA)
Ericca Herzog, softball (3.58 GPA)
Haley Kreger, softball (3.42 GPA)
Sabina Watson, softball (3.61 GPA)
Emily Young, softball (3.54 GPA)
Xavier Cochran, men's basketball (3.70 GPA)
Ty’Rese Searles, men's basketball (3.33 GPA)
Mikayla Ward, women's basketball (4.00 GPA)    


Olivia Frost, 3.68 GPA, women's basketball
Erika Angstmann, 4.00 GPA, women's volleyball
Carrigan Gray, 3.78 GPA, women's volleyball
Brooke Gyori, 4.00 GPA, women's volleyball
Devon Heitkamp, 4.00 GPA, women's volleyball
Olivia Hermiller, 3.46 GPA, women's volleyball
Madison Lammers, 4.00 GPA, women's volleyball
Annie Lindeman, 4.00 GPA, women's volleyball
Ashley Pleiman, 4.00 GPA, women's volleyball
Tyanna Smith, 3.52 GPA, women's volleyball
Christine Tylutki, 3.56 GPA, women's volleyball

Erika Angstmann, 4.00 GPA, women's volleyball
Carrigan Gray, 3.71 GPA, women's volleyball
Brooke Gyori, 4.00 GPA, women's volleyball
Devon Heitkamp, 4.00 GPA, women's volleyball
Olivia Hermiller, 3.52 GPA, women's volleyball
Madison Lammers, 3.66 GPA, women's volleyball
Annie Lindeman, 3.66 GPA, women's volleyball
Ashley Pleiman, 3.78 GPA, women's volleyball
Christine Tylutki, 3.41 GPA, women's volleyball
Ty'Rese Searles, 3.37 GPA, men's basketball
Roy Hatchett Jr., 3.40 GPA, men's basketball
Olivia Frost, 3.46 GPA, women's basketball
Haili Mossing, 4.00 GPA, women's basketball
Jeryn Reese, 3.33 GPA, women's basketball
Sybil Roseboro, 3.40 GPA, women's basketball


Olivia Frost, women's basketball
Daichelle Hatcher, women's basketball
Erika Angstmann, women's volleyball
Cassidy Wlodarz, women's volleyball
Summer Sweeting, women's volleyball
Devon Heitkamp, women's volleyball
Michaela Eisenhauer, women's volleyball
Alison Angstman, women's volleyball
Julian Egbo, men's basketball

Olivia Frost, women's basketball
Essence Cowan, women's basketball
Erika Angstmann, women's volleyball
Cassidy Wlodarz, women's volleyball
Carrigan Gray, women's volleyball
Devon Heitkamp, women's volleyball
Olivia Hermiller, women's volleyball
Kennedy Ames, women's volleyball
Julian Egbo, men's basketball


Landon Alexander, baseball
Jarrett Batanian, baseball
Owen Burnett, baseball
Austin Christman, baseball
Joseph Everson, baseball
Kurt Hurley, baseball
Christian Orr, baseball
Bryce Pratt, baseball
Noah Richard, baseball
Caleb Scott, baseball
Ben Sexton, baseball
Erika Berg, softball
Moinica Ray, softball
Kristen Zink, softball
Monica Ray, softball
Kristen Zink, softball
Liliana Velazquez, women's basketball
Kara Evers, women's volleyball

Jarrett Batanian, baseball
Austin Christman, baseball
Gary DeMartino, baseball
Joseph Everson, baseball 
Andrew Flowers, baseball
Ryan Jagodzinski, baseball
Christian Orr, baseball
Bryce Pratt, baseball
Noah Richard, baseball
Ben Sexton, baseball
Jacob Speiss, baseball
Mitchell Wells, baseball
Kemet Hartman, men's basketball
Chloe Dominguez, softball
Tori Kopp, women's basketball
Kara Evers, women's volleyball


Jarrett Batanian, baseball
Austin Christman, baseball
Andrew Flowers, baseball
Austin Ford, baseball
Ryan Jagodzinski, baseball
Jackson O'Keefe, baseball
Gabe Scott, baseball
Ben Sexton, baseball
Angelo Singleton, baseball
Jacob Smith, baseball
Wyatt Smith, baseball
Gavin Starcher, baseball
Mitchell Wellls, baseball
Branden Zuber, baseball
Liliana Velazeuez, women's basketball
Hannah Brickner, softball
Chelsey Depinet, softball
Aubrey Florence, softball
Sydney Hughes, softball
Jasmine McNett, softball
Cassady Prunier, softball
Kayla Bekier, women's volleyball
Megan Dunne, women's volleyball



Jackson O'Keefe, First Team, Baseball
Samuel Witt, First Team, Baseball
Elizabeth Chagolla, Second Team, Softball
Sydni Burhow, Third Team, Softball
Kolson Egnor, Third Team, Baseball
Wyatt Smith, Third Team, Baseball